Sick babies: better at life?

The kiddo has her second cold in as many months and is currently as pathetic as can be. I feel a little sorry for her snarfley, husky-voiced, lethargic self, especially since she’s taking it like a wee champ. Is it possible that babies are better at life when they’re sick? I think it just might be. Here’s why:

  1. Feeling run down makes her sleep more. She may even be sleeping almost as much as she’s supposed to at this age.
  2. She’s much cuddlier when she’s sick, which means more loving for me. Because this is about me and my needs.
  3. Unlike many adults I know (*coughyourstrulycough*), she has such a good attitude about being sick. She hasn’t yet figured out that when you’re not feeling well, you have to exaggerate your misery in an attempt to garner maximum sympathy and pampering from friends, family and coworkers. Not this one, though – she’s gamely trucking along, still playing, chatting and laughing her heart out despite the sore throat, coughing and boogers (oh yes, she has ALL the boogers). Interestingly, this positive attitude makes me feel more sympathetic than I’m likely to when she’s older and has learned to play it up for extra cookies* and days off school.
Her dad was sick too, the first time. All the snarfles.
Her dad was sick too, the first time. All the snarfles.

Aw. She’s really an adorable sicky.

Now, if only she would stop losing her mind every time the Nose Frida comes at her … and seriously, woman, that end does NOT go in your mouth. Gross.

*Or whatever you’re supposed to give a sick kid. Skittles? Bourbon? I’m new at this.

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