To my original partner in crime

I’m sorry I missed our anniversary.

Ten years is a long time. I still remember the day we met: the crowded room; the noise and clamouring for attention; and you, glaring at me from one corner. You seemed – how do I put this delicately – high maintenance, and I knew right away you were the one for me. I brought you home with me that night. You played coy at first, but I won you over pretty quickly and soon enough we were inseparable.

In those early days, it was just the two of us:  snuggling on the couch watching TV in our little apartment in Toronto; watching thunderstorms rage from the eighth-floor window; curling up together in bed at night with the sounds of the city lulling us to sleep. Since you moved in, you’ve greeted me at the door every time I come home. We’ve rarely spent a night apart, and the few times I’ve been away from you, I’ve missed you like crazy. You’ve been with me through the best times and the worst, offering comfort when I most needed it.

When the small one first arrived in our tiny universe, I could see that it was hard for you. The day-and-night crying, the shift in my affection, and the lack of attention took their toll on you, as hard as I tried to keep meeting your needs the way I had before. To be honest, I was afraid you’d never really be comfortable with her – but, as always, your resilience amazed me. This child who upended your existence went from terrifying you, to fascinating you, and eventually to loving you. It makes me so happy that you seem to love her too.

And I love you, Lily. Since that first day at the Humane Society ten years ago, I always have.

Happy belated anniversary to my original partner in crime. I can’t wait to see what the next decade holds!

Best friends.
Best friends.

Let’s celebrate with some catnip and that fuzzy toy you like.

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