On microhistory and meal planning, part 2

Today I’m a different person than I was yesterday, because I’ve gained a whole new title: I’m an aunt. I’m not sure what excites me more: the fact of becoming an aunt, or that I totally won the baby pool between Justin and me. Justin guessed they’d have a boy on November 5th and I (brilliantly) guessed a girl on November 8th – and I was right on both counts. Oh, she is an excruciatingly adorable wee nugget! And I shall luxuriate in my remarkable astuteness for weeks – maybe months! – to come.

Now, my dear microhistorians of the future, way back in 2015 in the vast but sparsely populated nation of Canada, there was this fascinating cultural practice of photographing one’s food and posting it on the internet. This may have arisen as the natural result of a generation of adults who were raised with the philosophy that self-esteem is paramount, so everyone must be made to feel important, and each morsel of experience was therefore thought to be special no matter how small. So we all started sharing our specialness on the internet, to make sure everyone would see how interesting our lives were, including our food. Or I could be overthinking it.

All this to say … I forgot to take a picture of my food last week, even though I meant to. I know – I’m very ashamed. But I’m still meal-planning like there are seven tomorrows (at a time). So here’s what we’re having this week:

Sunday: Roast leg of lamb with root vegetables. Because I married a butcher. Also I made these.

Monday: Tuna melts. Because I’m going out. By myself! And we need something easy and quick to eat before I do.

Tuesday: We’re going to my parents’ place for dinner, and spending the night, because the next day is Remembrance Day and Justin has the day off. So, we’re eating whatever gluten-free masterpiece my mum will be concocting. Plus buttermilk pie.

Wednesday: That pasta I was going to make last week, but which was postponed because I got lazy and we ordered Church’s Chicken instead.

Thursday: Pork tenderloin and brussels sprouts. Because: see Sunday.

Friday: Beef dip. Or, as my darling spouse likes to call it, beef dips. Because, I don’t know.

Saturday: This baked penne from Food52, which I will assemble the night before because we’re having people (and babies … who are also people) (plus a dog!) over that evening so we need to eat early and I can’t get much cooking done during the day because I have to entertain and chase a crawling (!) baby.*

Here are some beans I boiled a year and a half ago. Best I can do.
Here are some beans I boiled a year and a half ago. Best I can do.

* It might not technically qualify as crawling – she’s basically doing a baby version of the worm – but the point is, she’s moving under her own power. She also launched herself head-first into a door today, so by Saturday she’s sure to require even closer supervision than usual.

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