On microhistory and meal planning, part 4

First things first: have you seen this video from mode.com? It covers 100 years of food trends in three minutes, which is a pretty cool idea. Food and history is what we’re doing here! I’m not sure it’s possible to encompass all the food trends in one meal (come on, 1995, where are the sun-dried tomatoes?), and it’s all pretty Canada/USA-centric (tacos and sushi probably wouldn’t be labeled as “trends” in Mexico and Japan, respectively), but it’s a fun watch anyway. Related: sometimes I wish it was 1975 so I could bathe in a vat of cheese fondue.

Today we drove to the Chehalis River Recreation Site for a walk in the forest. Here’s what we learned:

  1. Sometimes it takes two adults plus Sophie the giraffe (as a distraction) to put boots on a 7-month-old. Well, one boot, and only sort of. Turns out she outgrew them before it got cold enough for them. Sad emoticon.
  2. It’s mostly okay if your baby doesn’t wear boots – after all, most infants can’t walk and if you forget your stroller and have to use the carrier you’re just going to wrap your jacket around her anyway.
  3. If your baby hates being in her carseat, you probably shouldn’t drive somewhere an hour and a half away to go for a walk, even if you really really want to look at eagles. Unless you enjoy listening to her scream all the way home, in which case … I don’t think I understand you.
We did everything we could. So wiggly. Such big feet.

It’s Sunday. Let’s meal plan!

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Sunday: Pork roast stuffed with prunes and apples, spinach salad with feta and almonds, and roasted potatoes with garlic. You know how they say “get to know your butcher” and some of us take that advice and run with it all the way to the altar? This is why.

Monday: This pasta again, because it was really really easy and so good. With fusilli again because the small one liked it too. Plus the leftover bit of skillet cookie that’s been sitting in our fridge since last night, taunting me, since Justin says he doesn’t have room for it tonight and I don’t want to hog it. That’s real love.

Tuesday: Maple ginger chicken thighs from Nutmeg Nanny, and roasted sweet potatoes slathered with miso honey butter. Miso honey butter with everything.

Wednesday: Sausage and white bean casserole from Real Simple. The name of the website was what sold me on this one. And how can you go wrong with 12 cups of chard?

Thursday: Smitten Kitchen’s Lebanese-style stuffed eggplant. We’ll see if I actually manage to do this one – I adore Smitten Kitchen, but the recipes are sometimes a bit involved, and there’s this clingy kid, and … hey.

Friday: Domoda (African peanut stew) from Snixy Kitchen. I’m excited to try this one, but you guys … what’s a snixy?

Saturday: Baker by Nature’s One-pan bucatini fra diavolo. Once upon a time in 2015, there was a butcher who worked next door to an Italian importer. And sometimes the Italian importer would give the butcher free stuff, like a 5-litre jug of balsamic vinegar, a 2-pound hunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano, or a 24-pound box of bucatini. So the butcher and his wife had to eat bucatini forever, which was wonderful because pasta is the perfect food, and also because they were kind of broke. Because luckily, the low interest rates in 2014 had allowed them to buy a townhouse, and then even more luckily, they had a baby, but unluckily, they still had to make mortgage payments while the wife was on maternity leave. Thank goodness there was free bucatini.

Hmm. No kale or quinoa this week. I’ll have to get better at 2015-ing next time.

Really just a beautiful Sunday, though.


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