Featured on Sammiches and Psych Meds

Two things:

  1. Sammiches and Psych Meds, which is a super-duper-awesome site, published one of my posts! Click here to see it. And check out the rest of the site too, because it’s great, and not just because they published me.
  2. Today is my birthday. Small one decided to celebrate by making sure I was awake for as much of it as possible (starting at midnight, natch) and also that I was with her for as much of it as possible (ie. she refused to nap, a whole bunch, and then at bedtime she screamed until we brought her back downstairs for another hour before trying again). I did order Chinese takeout, and it was tasty, but there was definitely hair in it. The search for a decent Chinese restaurant in the burbs continues. BUT there was wine, so we’re good.

Only three more days until I get my husband back from the clutches of turkey-mania, and I can’t wait. But until then, wine.

This bottle literally has my name on it.


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