On microhistory and meal planning, part 8

I took a hiatus from the meal planning posts, mostly because we’ve been eating a lot of freezer meals still. It turns out I made waaaaay more freezer meals than we needed. On the bright side, though, not cooking has given me time to write a few things and I’m excited to have a few pieces running on other sites over the next little while.

Also, I’m officially funny! If the internet says so, it must be true, right? I’ll most likely keep trying to be funny. Heads up, though: it won’t always work. You’ve been warned.

So, where were we? Oh yes, freezer meals. They’re tasty, but I’m kind of looking forward to cooking again. Cooking’s my jam. That and writing, and sitting doing nothing, and sleeping, and Facebook, and cats. This Friday is the last day I’ve scheduled a freezer meal for dinner. We’ll still have one or two frozen meals left after that, but I’m saving those for an emergency (I’m using that term very loosely as it’ll most likely involve a good deal of sloth and no actual risk to life or limb.)

A lot has happened in the world since my last microhistory post, because a lot always happens in the world. That’s what you get when you have over 7 billion people kicking around – things happening. Probably things would happen even with just seven people instead of 7 billion, but I bet if there were only seven of us around the biggest news would be “where did the other 7 billion people go?” and once we got over that, news would look very different. Because when there are only a few people around, even mundane things become significant. Kind of like family life.

For the foreseeable future, though, there are over 7 billion of us. 35 million or so live in Canada, which a lot of us are pretty thankful for. And next door to our beloved country is another country equally beloved by its citizens. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Anyway, a few days ago their president introduced some measures that he’s hoping will stop everyone there from killing one another at such an alarming rate. But not everyone was happy about it – not because they loved murdering each other or anything, but not everyone thought it would work. So the debate in that country raged on and on about freedom and rights and security and also whether or not it’s okay for a man, especially a powerful one, to cry when he’s talking about the wanton slaughter of five-year-olds.

Most of us outside that country, from what I can tell anyway, felt like the measures were a pretty good idea. The great and also tragic thing about social media and the internet in general is how it lets us choose to believe our opinions are correct and that everyone who matters agrees with us.

Meanwhile, another debate raged in the suburbs outside Vancouver. Also about guns. Because apparently getting your grandpa’s guns is A Whole Thing for kids who grew up on the prairies, but when you marry someone from the West Coast who has no experience with the cultural phenomenon of deadly family heirlooms, that person might have a hard time with the idea of bringing said heirlooms into your home.

Even if you store everything securely.

Even if you only take them out to go hunting.

Even if you have all the training and know how to do things as safely as possible.

And yes, even if they absolutely 100% trust you with their life and your child’s life.

Because some of us just can’t shake that feeling that there’s always something that could go wrong and also GUNS BAD. Some of us can’t. But luckily certain chronic worriers are married to someone who won’t bring guns (even unloaded ones that are securely locked away and stored separately from ammunition, which is also securely locked away, and so on) into our home without their spouse first being comfortable with the idea. So we have some time. All the time we need, and more.

That said, the price of beef is skyrocketing, so if said spouse gets hungry enough (and we already know she makes a helluva moose lasagna), this might strengthen the pro-gun argument. See? There’s even a food tie-in. But this story is to be continued, as the debate is thus far unresolved.

Good things happened too. See above, re: Jean=funny. Also: STFU, Parents retweeted one of my tweets! Next stop: inseparable pal-dom. Yes, I tweeted at her first, and it was a tweet about something she wrote, AND I know it’s only polite to respond to compliments. But! The way I’m choosing to see it, first she’s retweeting me, and next she’ll be on my couch sharing a bottle of something classy, like wine or bourbon or maybe a nice tequila. I’m allowed to dream.

We also ate food. Here’s how the month has gone so far, and what we’ve planned for the rest of the week:

January 1st: We made … something. I don’t remember what it was, and I didn’t write it down. Good way to start the year, right?

2nd: White bean & chicken sweet potato casserole.

3rd: Pork chops and sautéed spinach (we cooked since Justin finally has weekends again).

4th: We had nachos for lunch at like 4pm and we were so full we didn’t eat dinner.

5th: Hawaiian burgers (that’s what we call cheeseburgers when we put pineapple on them, because we think it makes them sound fancier, and we require all the fance.)

6th: Penne with tomato, cream, and 5 cheeses.

7th: Short rib and pumpkin chili, and crusty bread.

8th: Cheeseburger soup (and more bread).

9th: Crispy caramelized pork ramen with curry-roasted acorn squash from Half Baked Harvest. I froze this one before I started posting about meals. The reheated version was even better than the first time we had it since I caramelized the pork more. It was also easier, since I just had to thaw the broth and pork instead of cooking for hours.

10th: Steak, sautéed spinach with garlic, and roasted sweet potatoes with miso honey butter.

11th: That’s today! We’re having rotini with sausage and rapini. No recipe – we’re just winging this one. Justin makes a really good kolbasa at work so we’re using that. Rotini’s our go-to pasta lately because it’s easy for the small one to pick up and eat.

12th: Pork stew with white beans and butternut squash, and crusty bread again! I love bread. It’s so easy to make, and the great thing about that is people think it isn’t easy to make so it feels special when you do.

13th: Lasagna soup, and leftover bread.

14th: Chicken enchilada casserole from 12 Tomatoes. This is another pre-food-posts meal and will likely be horribly freezer burned but that’s what cilantro and extra cheese are for.

15th: Orecchiette with kale pesto from Food52. This is an extremely old frozen meal, from when we lived in East Van and we had a little garden patch with kale and then just before we moved I picked all the kale and made a big batch and froze it in little bags and have I told this story before? Yes I have. At any rate, it’s high time we ate the last of it.

spider cake
New England Spider Cake from Food52. We had this for breakfast yesterday, and lunch today. It isn’t on the list because it isn’t dinner, but it’s definitely worth a mention so I’m tossing in a picture.

And that, friends, is the end of the freezer meal odyssey … for now. But there’s still one more day in the week before we start anew. And on that day, we’re having …

16th: Roasted chicken breasts with olive oil, lemon, and rosemary, from the Fifty Shades of Chicken cookbook, which I have had in my possession for at least a year (or maybe two? yes, two) since I received it as a birthday gift from my lovely friend Michelle. It’s a hilarious book, and to be honest I sort of overlooked the fact that it has actual recipes that look like they’re pretty decent, since I was blinded by the side-splitting chicken innuendo (chickennuendo?). Anyway, we’ll see how this goes.

We’re also having asparagus. Plain old non-sexual asparagus.

chicken porn cat
Lily can’t resist a good photo op. Especially if it involves chicken bondage. 

My friend Michelle was very disappointed she couldn’t see this book on the shelf in my last post, so this one’s for her.

Private message to Michelle (NON-MICHELLES PLEASE DO NOT READ):
Are you happy now? I hope so.

Hopefully the meal-planning posts will get more interesting now that I have to start cooking again. I should riffle through those cooking magazines the small one likes to chew on and see if I can find some good, easy-ish stuff in there. Or maybe more chicken porn.

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