In which I try my hand at satire

Remember when I said I was officially funny? Here’s more evidence (because I’m building a case, Making a Murderer style):

Inspired by a comment my mum made about how wonderful it is that Justin’s such a “hands on” parent, I wrote a satirical piece, which you can read over in the MockMom section of Sammiches & Psych Meds today. (WARNING: contains profanity. Lots and lots of profanity. Profanity’s my favourite.) Because it’s great when dads are hands on, but frankly that should be the basic expectation of any parent.

Also, to be clear: Justin more than exceeds basic parenting standards. In fact, right now we’re at a stage where he’s a complete natural and I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed. I just think it’s interesting how people react to dads’ slightest involvement with their kids by falling all over themselves with admiration. Meanwhile, there are such ridiculously high expectations of mums.

It’s kind of patronizing to the dads, in a way. Sometimes when people praise Justin for the littlest things (like, the other day someone was SUPER impressed that he was wearing the baby in a carrier at the grocery store), I know he’s thinking “well, what the hell do you expect?”

justin baby bookshelf
See? Just a natural.

Anyway, I wrote something funny about it! Go read it, please.

And then maybe go watch Making a Murderer, because it’s the socially-acceptable version of watching 10 hours of Dateline NBC. And you can actually say “OMG, I binge-watched Making a Murderer and it was sooooo good.” You can’t say that about Dateline without people looking at you funny, even though it’s the exact same thing.

Also, apparently watching Making a Murderer is the equivalent of attending law school, or detective school (is detective school a thing?), so it’s a lightning-fast and dirt-cheap way to get that extra credential you’ve been putting off for the last few years. Finally.

But first, read my article.

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