On microhistory and meal planning, part 12

Wow, you guys. Part 12. This is the 12th time I’ve sat down to write a meal planning post.

12 weeks of meal planning. If these posts were a fetus, I’d finally be telling you about them right around now.

Okay, so I skipped a few weeks and it’s been more than 12 weeks since I started meal planning. But … work with me here. Does poetic license still apply when I’m not writing poetry?

Today is Family Day in BC. Microhistorians of the future, Family Day is a made-up holiday that was conveniently put into place by an unpopular provincial government (the BC Liberal Party, which is actually a conservative party, because I don’t really know why but provincial politics is this whole thing I don’t want to get too far into right now) months before an election. AND IT WORKED. And it was a massive upset because everyone was sure (like, bet-your-bottom-dollar-and-your-life-and-also-maybe-your-least-favourite-relative’s-life-on-it sure) that the NDP was going to win. But they didn’t, and it was a pretty big deal.

Okay, so there was a whole bunch of other stuff at play and it most likely had nothing to do with the extra day off still being fresh in voters’ minds, but I’m glossing over this because I want to get to the part that’s about me.

Family Day.

Justin has Sundays and Mondays off anyway, and he doesn’t get an extra day if a holiday falls on his weekend, so it was just another weekend for us, EXCEPT. Yesterday he went to a Super Bowl party and ended up staying overnight in Vancouver, and when he got home this morning we went for a lovely walk along the river trail, and then we went back into the city to look at plants. Because the nice thing about Family Day is that there are things going on because it’s still the weekend and it’s kind of like we get a real weekend instead of one that’s on a Monday. Anyway, VanDusen Botanical Garden was offering free admission and the weather was phenomenal, so we went there.

Seriously. Shorts in February.
“Yep, lots of plants here.” – Justin
note: this is a glowing review.

It was so gorgeous and sunny outside and anyone who says climate change doesn’t exist should come discuss this theory with my husband, who is wearing shorts and a t-shirt in February, and it’s not even as outlandish as it usually is when he does that (he’s weird).

Since I was alone last night, I was going to have leftovers but then I kind of felt like eating a big pot of bubbling cheese. So I did that. There’s a recipe in one of my parents’ Best of Bridge cookbooks for a delightful concoction called Railroad Dip. It has three ingredients: cheese, mayonnaise, and chopped onion.

And it’s to die for.

When I called my dad to get the recipe, I heard my mother in the background saying something to the effect of “I hope that’s not her dinner!” Well, mum, you’ll be pleased to know that I did not just have Railroad Dip for dinner.

I also had chocolate chip cookies. Hah.

And here’s what we’re having for the rest of the week:

Monday: Justin’s making schnitzel. We’re also having Schwarties hash browns, because I froze the leftovers last time I made them.

Tuesday: Creamy three-cheese spaghetti from delish. I started following delish on Facebook, and they posted a link with the headline “This spaghetti is going viral” – and as it turns out, I can’t resist a clickbait recipe. I’m using bucatini instead, though, because we still have enough bucatini to choke a horse.

I’m not sure if that’s a real expression or if I just made it up. I’m going to keep the mystery alive by not Googling it.

Wednesday: Skinny beef and broccoli noodles, also from delish because I have a problem.

There are two things you need to know about this recipe: (1) I would NOT have clicked on it if the clickbait headline posted on Facebook had had the word “skinny” in it, because it’s against my general life philosophy, and (2) I’m not going to omit the mushrooms, but I will meticulously avoid allowing the horrific things to sully my lips. Justin’s excited about them though.

Thursday: Cheesy chicken and rice skillet dinner with bacon from … wait, Oprah? That can’t be right. How did I even find that recipe? I’ve abandoned Pinterest (for this week, anyway) so I must have clicked through from another site somehow. Anyway, bacon.

Friday: Spice rubbed salmon with mango salsa from Yammie’s Noshery. It’s been brought to my attention by a certain member of the household that we don’t eat enough fish. So, here’s some fish.

Saturday: Braised coconut spinach with chickpeas and lemon from mother nature network. I found the recipe on this list, which I found via StumbleUpon. I’ll probably make more recipes from the list too, because a lot of them look good. Oh wait, maybe that’s where I found the Oprah recipe.

Related: does Oprah even cook for herself? Discuss.

Railroad dip. GET IN MY BELLY.
Railroad dip. GET IN MY BELLY.

Aaaaand that’s it! See you next week.

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