This Valentine’s Day, say it with carbs

Valentine's day candy

Full disclosure: Valentine’s Day isn’t much of a thing in our house.

And by “isn’t much of a thing,” I mean “we are conscientious objectors to Valentine’s Day and we do our best to ignore its very existence.” So I guess it’s weird for me to even be posting this.

I’ve noticed in the various mums’ groups I’ve haphazardly been added to on Facebook that people no longer just buy a pack of Valentine’s Day cards at Shoppers Drug Mart and have their kids fill them out for their classmates. You guys, it’s the age of Pinterest so if you’re not making adorable cupcakes or doing fancy crafts involving juice boxes and custom labels or your kid’s photo holding a lollipop, you are clearly failing at life and your child will most likely be ostracized by her circle of friends. And this doesn’t just apply to school-aged children – oh no – daycares are in on the “fun” too. So this may be the last year I get to completely eschew Valentine’s Day since the small one will be in daycare this time next year. Lord help us all.

But there’s one thing that is much of a thing in our house, and that’s food.

Last February I was cruelly struck down by gestational diabetes and it was quite possibly the most horrendous thing to happen to anyone in the history of ever. I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth, but pregnancy changed that, and suddenly my carbs were tightly restricted in order to keep my blood sugar under control. So the Shirley Temples and San Pellegrino grapefruit-flavoured pop I’d been drinking out of fancy cocktail glasses to feel like a grown-up were suddenly out of the question, as were all other sweets (except for the times I cheated).

In other words, GD was a total bummer. Especially when Justin drank the rest of the pop that I wasn’t allowed to have.

Gawd, husband. Whatever happened to solidarity?

My sweet tooth stuck with me after the small one arrived, so I proceeded to eat all the sweets, having been deprived of them for such a very long time (eons, really).

At any rate. Now, just over a year after my (possibly bogus) diagnosis, it’s February again, and that means Valentine’s Day. A made-up holiday intended to make us all spend money on greeting cards and candy and flowers and diamonds and whatever else you buy on Valentine’s Day. Also to make single people feel bad for being single, people in relationships feel pressure to be super romantic, and mums feel inadequate for not being sufficiently Pinterest-y.

But the great thing about Valentine’s Day is people post ALLLLLL the chocolate recipes on all of the Facebook pages. And sometimes, we just need to make something chocolatey and marshmallowy and gooey and delicious.

I made this! Decadent S’mores Brownies from The Beach House Kitchen.

brownies for valentine's day
We haven’t tasted them yet, but I’m pretty sure they rule.

… maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad after all.*

*Nope, it totally is. But hey, let’s eat a bunch of chocolate anyway.

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  1. Michelle says: Reply

    Valentines day can suck it. But I’m coming over to help you eat this chocolate thing.

    1. Jean says: Reply

      ohmygod please do it is sooooo rich.

      Seriously – this thing weighs like 6 pounds, and it’s only a 9×9 pan. HELP.

      1. Michelle says: Reply

        Uh oh…I forgot to check back. Did you eat it ALL?!

        1. Jean says: Reply

          No, there’s still like half the pan left. Come over!

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