On microhistory and meal planning, part 14

The next day was Sunday again. The caterpillar ate through one nice green leaf, and after that he felt much better.

Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I wonder if I could base a week’s worth of meal planning on The Very Hungry Caterpillar… that might be a good project for another week, since I just thought of it and I’ve already mapped out our plan. I bet I could. I’d have to make recipes that include the foods from each day, though, rather than taking it literally, because nobody wants to just eat four strawberries or five oranges for dinner (at least not in this house). And Saturday night would pretty much be a Vegas buffet. I’m not opposed.

At any rate, it’s Sunday again. These weeks are flying by and before I know it there won’t be nearly enough time to spend with all of you here. There’s barely enough time now, even without a full-time job. This blogging course is really putting me through my paces, and on top of that, the small one’s cold refuses to let go of her tiny nasal passages. She’s come to a point now where the mere sight of a tissue fills her with righteous indignation.

Microhistorians of the future: this week I’m an attachment parent. Do they still have parenting styles in the future? Or have we all finally admitted we just do what works depending on the day? Wait, is that a style too?

Although I’d describe her as a fairly high need baby, the small one isn’t the cuddliest of little bugs. She’ll beg for me to pick her up, but will immediately push me away once I do, so that she can perch in the crook of my arm like a wee parrot, and look out at the world. She hates being left alone to sleep, but the only way she’ll actually drift off is in her crib with no one else in the room. Although she slept in our bed early on, any attempts to bring her back in (in the hope of getting just the tiniest bit of extra sleep) are now interpreted as party time. The only carrier she’ll tolerate for more than a few minutes is the much-maligned Baby Bjorn, and only in the unrecommended forward-facing position. The local babywearing Facebook group (yep, that’s a thing) would most certainly cast me out if they knew.

But this week she’s been sick and all the cuddles I’ve been missing these past few months have finally come my way. She even let me carry her around the house in the Ergobaby carrier – which was great because otherwise I’d have accomplished absolutely nothing this week, given that she won’t let me put her down. She’s also insisted on nursing to sleep, so I’ve been doing that too. I’ve also been talking her through what I’ve decided is a guided meditation as she nurses to sleep. I’m not sure what a guided meditation is. Anyhow, it always starts on the beach and tonight it ended with her sailing off to dreamland in a boat. I think my mum may have taught me that, in a way. She always had me imagine I was at the beach when I was trying to fall asleep.

Given that she’s only like this when she’s sick, is it horrible that I’ve been loving it? Probably a little. I’m comfortable being a little bit horrible from time to time, though. At any rate, I think I’m kind of attachment parenting. Maybe, sort of.

You guys, I think Donald Trump might actually become president and I’m worried. I know a lot of Americans talk about moving to Canada if x, y or z happens, and I’m glad that I’m here already but in this case I’m not sure Canada is far enough away. Can I flee to Bali, please? I have a feeling there’ll be no escaping the ramifications of a Trump presidency, no matter where you go in the world … but Bali is terribly pretty and I’d love to at least go diving again before he causes the planet to explode with one of his cockamamie schemes.

So, while we’re skipping gleefully down the path to worldwide destruction … here’s what we’re packing in our handbasket.

Sunday: I’m making these Stout Your Engine Beer and Bacon Waffles from My Wife’s Muffin (and the best website name of the week award goes to… My Wife’s Muffin!). Although the recipe calls for 1/2 a cup of Guinness… we may have accidentally purchased an 8-pack. Breakfast for dinner!

I might also make some kale to eat on the side, because one nice green leaf and all.

Monday: Steak tacos. No recipe, because who needs a recipe for steak tacos? Okay, maybe some people do. We’re just grilling a steak and putting it in tacos, though, so we don’t.

Oh, and this. NBD.

Tuesday: Apparently this is a bit of a no-recipe week, because we’re having stir-fried ground pork with rice again, and that’s another one I make up as I go along. If this were a food blog, I’d type some of these out, but it’s not so I won’t. Or maybe I will … eventually. It’s tough because I don’t measure.

Wednesday: I’m excited to try this Albanian Baked Lamb and Rice with Yogurt from Saveur. It’s either going to turn out amazingly, or horribly.

Wouldn’t it be great if these posts involved updates? Too bad for you.

Wait, I’ll post an update on my Facebook page. Then you have to like it to see how it was. Hah.

Thursday: Al Forno’s Penne with Tomato, Cream, and Five Cheeses from Food52. I’ve made this before, and I’ll make it again. Probably with different cheeses every time, none of which will ever be blue. Because blech. And most likely salad, because we’re having friends over and we don’t want them to know we don’t usually eat salad with our pasta.

Friday: Justin picked up some frozen chicken and brie pot pies from the Wigan Pier, which is an amazing little fish and chip shop in Garibaldi Highlands, on his way back from Whistler last week. We’re having those, and probably another salad or something.

Saturday: Butter chicken! Not from scratch. Justin brought home these packaged butter chicken pastes from his work aaaaaages ago so I’m going to use them. But I’ll probably make this homemade naan from Once Upon a Chef again because it was amazing and so easy.

The next day will be Sunday again. And we will still be hungry. But hopefully not sick anymore.

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