On microhistory and meal planning, part 15

Oh dear, she’s up. Better post this and get going. TV-watching postponed for later. Sigh (but also, thank goodness … there’s only so much early-90s-sitcom-revival one woman can take).

Today is a three-coffee day.

Have you ever had a pickleback? It’s a shot of whiskey, followed by a shot of pickle juice. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, folks – it’s surprisingly delicious. But oh, my poor head.

Yes, we did shots at our anniversary dinner date. We might have gotten a wee bit too excited about being let out of the house sans baby. Don’t judge.

Okay, judge. I’m judging us too.

This morning I realized that the small one has an extra day in her first year, so when she turns one she’ll be 366 days old instead of 365. I know that’s just how math works, but I thought it was sort of neat anyway. Happy leap day!

This week’s meal plan is brought to you by children’s classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Yep, we’re going for it.

Sunday: see above re: pickleback. We also had food, and it was very good.

Monday: (one apple) Michael Smith’s Pan rushed chicken with apples and sage

Tuesday: (two pears) Pizza with pears, brie, rosemary, roasted garlic, and prosciutto

Wednesday: (three plums) Pork roast stuffed with prunes (Justin makes these at his work), and brussels sprouts

Thursday: (four strawberries) Spinach salad with strawberries, goat cheese, walnuts and grilled chicken

Friday: (five oranges) Salmon with orange-fennel sauce from myrecipes.com

Saturday: (one piece of chocolate cake, one ice cream cone, one pickle, one slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, one slice of watermelon) 

I know you probably skipped over Sunday-Friday because you really just wanted to see how we’d manage Saturday. Well, here goes:

  • Appy platter with cheese, salami, garlic coil, and pickles (takes care of the Swiss cheese, salami, sausage, and pickle)
  • Wigan Pier pies (takes care of the piece of pie – we’ll incorporate the cherry elsewhere. Saturday in caterpillar-land involves altogether too many desserts, by the way.) Please note that I have no business relationship with the Wigan Pier, other than the fact that I buy their food and love it. However, if they wanted to toss me a free pie or two, I would not be opposed.
  • Fudge pudding cake (recipe from Justin’s mum, sent via Facebook message so I have no idea where it’s from), with ice cream and crushed-up lollipop sprinkled on top (takes care of the chocolate cake, ice cream cone, lollipop, and maybe the cupcake too if I serve it cups or something)
  • Cocktails, featuring strawberry-and-watermelon-flavoured sparkling water we found at the store, and maraschino cherries, and some kind of booze (takes care of the watermelon, and the “cherry” part of the cherry pie). Oooh, maybe I can use cupcake-flavoured vodka. It’ll be weird, but then we’ll legitimately have the cupcakes covered. Or maybe not. This one’s a work in progress.

Justin’s on vacation for a week starting Sunday, so the above orgy of food and drink will be in celebration of that too. Hooray! It’ll be the most time we’ve all spent together since the small one was born.

Sunday: One nice green leaf. Otherwise known as: I haven’t figured out Sunday yet since technically it falls into next week’s plan, but it may involve a kale salad.

And then with any luck, we shall all emerge as beautiful butterflies! Or at least as fancy, rested vacation-people. Maybe?

Okay, back to my coffee and hate-watching Fuller House on the couch. Seriously, just when we thought we could close the history books on laugh tracks, someone decided it’d be a good idea to revive them?

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