On microhistory and meal planning, part 16: Justin edition

fish tacos

I’ve been feeling rather uninspired lately, which is why I haven’t posted. I don’t want to put crap on here just for the sake of posting (well … not always, anyway; some of it will inevitably be crap), so hopefully this creative dry spell will be over soon and I’ll be back to my regular, irregular schedule. All this to say: Hi.

We made it through our week of eating like very hungry caterpillars, and it was an unmitigated success! I even worked in the cupcake bit on Saturday – turns out Menchie’s has a red velvet cupcake flavour so we didn’t even have to buy cupcake vodka. Which was good because that might have been weird. Especially since we ended up having mojitos, and vodka in a mojito would make it … not a mojito. Anyway. I posted pictures of Saturday’s bacchanal of food on my Instagram account, so you can see them there.

Related: I’m trying to actually use Instagram now. See, I used to use it because I liked the filters, but then I realized I couldn’t save the pictures without sharing them and I’d inadvertently shared all this stuff that really I just wanted to put a filter on. So then I started taking pictures, using Instagram to put filters on them, sharing so they’d save to my phone, and deleting them from my feed because I didn’t actually want to share them. Just in case you were wondering about the extent of my resistance to newfangled social media apps.

Anyway, if you go to my Instagram you’ll notice there isn’t much there yet, but hopefully there’ll be more soon. I’m slowly but surely entering this decade, now that it’s more than half over.

I may have officially failed at Pinterest, though. I’m still merrily bookmarking away in my browser. Sigh. One thing at a time, right? I’m for sure an old dog.

Oh hey, this is vaguely food-related: I’m funny again! I made the Sammiches & Psych Meds funniest people on Facebook list for the week. Because for all the social media platforms I find intimidating, confusing and/or useless, I do love me some Facebook.

I should start making memes instead of just posting statuses, though. They’re much prettier.

Justin’s on vacation and I’m so excited! Tomorrow we’re going on our first official family vacation with the small one (other than the trips we’ve taken to visit family). We’re off to Squamish for the night, and we’re going to stay in a hotel, and ride the Sea to Sky Gondola, and eat fish and chips, and drink wine in a hotel room, and oh my goodness I can’t wait.

The other nice thing about a husband who is on vacation is that he does the meal planning for you, so then you can just sit back on your laurels and write angry missives to Amazon because they sent you the wrong nursing pads and you paid extra because you thought they’d send you the ones in the picture, but no. It’s a tough life when your go-to nursing pads are discontinued and the “new, improved” version is glaring white so it shows through your shirt.

Anyway, Justin did the meal plan and he’ll be doing most of the cooking too, I think. Lordy, I love him.

Sunday: Southern Oven Fried Chicken from about.com, and grilled asparagus. We were going to have a kale salad but then we forgot to buy kale. It’s okay, though, we still had our one nice green leaf because we had more mojitos, and mint totally counts.

Monday: Fish tacos! With Foodess’ cabbage slaw and lime crema. We’re doing beer-battered fish, though, because you just can’t have too much fried food. Okay, maybe you can. We’re going to test that theory this week and I’ll report back later with our findings.

Tuesday: Maybe something from the hotel where we’re staying? Or maybe fish and chips from the Wigan Pier? Or maybe we’ll have the fish and chips for lunch on Wednesday. Who knows? It’s all so exciting and suspenseful.

Wednesday: Burgers. But not just any old burgers: Elk burgers! And salad. But not just any old salad. Oh, wait – I’ve just been informed that yes. Any old salad.

Thursday: Beef Stroganoff from the “old” Russian Tea Room, from food.com. He may look young, folks, but he’s a 75-year-old Beef Stroganoff eating Eastern European grandpa at heart. Which brings us to …

Friday: Ricardo’s Chicken cacciatore. Do people eat chicken cacciatore anymore? I feel like it’s pretty retro too. Anyway, we’re having it.

Saturday: Schnitzel! And … hopefully something else, but I don’t know what yet. Hopefully a vegetable.

Oh my goodness, it’s after 9pm and these tacos are calling my name. So, um, bye.

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