On microhistory and meal planning, part 17

meal planning

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What a week we’ve had. In a good way.

It’s been so wonderful having Justin home and I’m going to miss him when he goes back to work tomorrow. It’s really too bad about that whole needing money to live thing. Sigh.

Is everyone reeling from the time change the other night? When you’re a parent, changing the clocks is supposed to be the worst thing that happens to you all year (twice!), and based on what I gather from Facebook you’re supposed to moan and groan about it ad nauseam. To be honest, though, it’s been quite nice for us. Not that we’re getting more sleep – we aren’t – but the small one had started waking up earlier and earlier, so springing forward an hour was actually a welcome correction. It just feels right (sorry, Saskatchewanians. You’re missing out.)

Speaking of waking up, the baby’s been waking every two hours, like clockwork, nearly every night this week. 10, 12, 2, 4, and at 6 she’s ready to start the day … ugh. Apparently there’s a 10-month sleep regression, and we’re in it. Anyhow, since the time change the schedule has shifted to 1, 3, 5, and 7. So now we get to sleep in. Hah.

On the topic of sleep regressions, though … why do they call them regressions when they’re ALWAYS happening? Shouldn’t the “regressions” just be seen as the status quo rather than some sort of anomaly? Because if I were to identify any blips on our sleep radar, they would be the periods when she’s slept relatively well – those are way more rare. Have I ranted about this on here before, or only out loud to anyone who’ll listen?

(In case you’re wondering, “anyone who’ll listen” is a swiftly-dwindling contingent of people … my rants, they are getting old. I might need a new schtick.)

So, meal planning. When I started doing this meal planning thing, I thought “hey, what a novel idea! I can meal plan on the blog! I’m so brilliant and original.” I have since discovered that meal planning is totally a thing that mum bloggers do, which makes sense because many of us (especially those who stay home) are in charge of figuring out meals but most of us don’t actually develop our own recipes so it’s easier to just list what we’re making based on other people’s recipes. Plus, lists are awesome.

It’s funny how pervasive certain elements of culture can be, to the point that we conform to expectations and norms we aren’t even aware of. Spooky.

Here’s what we’ll be eating while we contemplate these big ideas (and the small ones too, natch):

Sunday: Justin made birria and it was incredible. We haven’t had birria since two years ago when we were in Yelapa – every Saturday they’d slaughter a cow, and then every Sunday one of the restaurants (Ray’s) would serve birria. Now we can’t go to Mexico anymore because we bought a house and had a baby and also Zika, I guess?

Monday: I found this spinach gruyere quiche recipe by garlic and zest on BlogHer – the recipe says to try it for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, but I thought Pi Day was a more appropriate option.

I also made roasted cauliflower with superspice from delicious days. I’ve made that one about a hundred thousand million times before, and will make it a hundred thousand million more times, because it is the best cauliflower recipe in existence. No joke. Get thee to a cauliflowery and make some, stat.

Tuesday: Would you believe we still have domoda in the freezer? Well, believe it. But not for long, because we’re eating the last of it on Tuesday.

Wednesday: One-pot French onion pasta from Joy the Baker. With, you guessed it, bucatini instead of spaghetti. Yom.

Thursday: Garlic-yogurt baked chicken from Diethood. The small one adores yogurt so I’m hoping she’ll like this. We’re also having asparagus because it was on sale at the market yesterday.

Friday: Slow cooker maple bacon beer baked beans from the Beeroness. Um, hi. There is nothing about any of those words that I dislike. I don’t have a slow cooker, though, so I’m making this in the oven. Plus a loaf of bread, and some broccoli. 

Saturday: Marry me chicken from delish. I’m already married, and I do not want to marry a chicken, but it looks tasty and I clearly haven’t learned my lesson re: clickbaity titles. I should also make a vegetable to go with this, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. Maybe I’ll roast the acorn squash that’s been sitting in our pantry waiting for its time to shine (or perhaps for its time to marry a chicken?).

Okay, I’m off to not marry any poultry. I might marry some frozen yogurt, though. Because we’re still on vacation until tomorrow.

The family that plays on the stairs together ... hopefully doesn't fall down the stairs together. So far so good.
The family that plays on the stairs together … hopefully doesn’t fall down the stairs together. So far so good, anyway.

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