On microhistory and meal planning, part 18

I found this store. It has all the beans. All the beans forever.

Dear microhistorians of the future: did this ever end up happening? Because it looks impossibly cool.

Here in 2016, we’re still only commuting locally(ish) in fossil-fuel-guzzling cars. Last weekend someone broke into one of ours as it sat in our driveway, while we slept soundly in our beds. Ugh. For a quiet, out-of-the-way suburban neighbourhood next door to pretty much nothing, there sure is a lot of theft.

Bright side: the only thing they took was Justin’s key ring, and we immediately re-keyed the locks on the house and the other car. Take that, thieves. Still … ugh.

What else has been going on … it’s tax season (boo), and we’re barely sleeping (double boo), and spring has sprung (YAAAAAY!). We’ve returned to the season of the small one’s birth, and we couldn’t be more excited to shed our winter coats.

We have a somewhat pared-down meal plan for this week, since Easter is coming and we’ll be heading to my parents’ place for a couple of nights to eat whatever they put in front of us. Does that count as a meal plan? We’re planning to have meals even if we didn’t cook them … so there’s that. Anyway, here’s what else we’re having:

Sunday: We had friends over for dinner, which is why I didn’t get this post written until now. I made Kabocha squash risotto from she craves. I love love love LOVE this recipe, and the process of making risotto is so wonderfully soothing (as long as you have someone to entertain your needy baby while you do it. It would be the opposite of soothing to have to run back and forth between a fussy infant and a pan of swiftly-burning risotto.)  We also had steak.

Oooh, and I made these brownies from smitten kitchen. I will most likely make them again, because (a) they were delicious, and (b) I accidentally bought an extra tin of cocoa a while ago without realizing I already had one and a half huge tins of it in the cupboard, so now I have to use it.

Monday: Beef quesadillas with queso blanco sauce from delish. We just finished eating this, and … how do I put this … it was just awful. It was the worst thing I’ve made in a long time, by far. I probably should have known. But sometimes you aren’t sure about a recipe but you decide to trust whoever wrote it, and you follow it anyway. Although I guess I didn’t follow it to the letter … it called for a tablespoon of salt in the filling and that seemed kind of insane. So it’s possible that the spectacular failure of this recipe was due to the reduction in salt … but I don’t really think so. Anyway, um, don’t make this one. It isn’t good.

The small one, incidentally, loved it. I weep for the future. I mean, look at this:

"Queso" "blanco" "sauce." NAILED IT.
“Queso” “blanco” “sauce.” NAILED IT.

I was also going to grill some zucchini, but I forgot, which just caps off this epic failure of a dinner. Thank goodness we still have brownies left over from yesterday. Dessert makes everything better.

Tuesday: Red lentil dal from Food52. I’m excited to make this because we recently discovered that the small one loves curried lentils. We had some people over for a playdate a couple of weeks ago and one of the other mums brought some curried lentils for her son to eat, and my daughter ended up eating most of them instead because she is very rude but also has exotic tastes.

I was pretty excited about the small one’s palate up until an hour ago.

Wednesday: I was going to make a recipe from the same website as the quesadillas but I’ve decided I can’t make things from there anymore. So I have to figure something else out … maybe we’ll grill a couple of sausages or something. I’m also going to roast some cabbage because I’ve recently learned that roasted cabbage is delightful and I must have it as often as possible.

Thursday: Maple bacon beer baked beans, because through a series of mishaps and oversights (for which I blame lack of sleep) I had to reshuffle last week’s meal plan and this didn’t get made. So it’s kind of a dupe day, but not really since I haven’t made it yet.

Friday: My friend Michelle is coming over and we’re going to make pizza! I’ll probably make her bring a salad or something too, because I am an extremely demanding hostess.

Saturday: Whatever my parents decide to feed us when we get to their house. Probably a bunch of appetizers, if they delay their Friday appy night tradition for us. Which they will, because we love appy night.

Sunday: Easter dinner with my folks! This will involve a ham. I know this because we’re bringing a ham from the butcher shop. I’m including next Sunday in this week’s meal plan because I most won’t post next week’s until Monday anyway, and these retroactive meal plans are a bit strange, no?

Until next time – may your travels be way high-tech, and may your dinners be free of horrible quesadillas.

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