On microhistory and meal planning, part 19

Photo credit: Oscar Keys | Unsplash

Oh, hi.

Well, haven’t we just had a week.

You too? Full moon, maybe.

Here at home, we have mostly run-of-the-mill, minor, first-world problems. I forgot my purse on my way out the door when we went to my parents’ place, and my phone charger was inside, so I was tragically sans internet for TWO DAYS. Which was probably a good thing, because I needed to step away from the reactions to my Huffington Post debut.

Another first-world problem, and a pretty good one to have, is when you meet a huge massive writing goal and finally get published on HuffPost (!!!), but then all the commenters tell you you’re an idiot and also your name sucks. This is my fault because of course I did that thing you aren’t supposed to do when you’re on a site like that: I read the comments, and I fed the trolls, and it felt pretty good in a way but also kind of bad so then I stopped. But then people started tweeting at me about it and the only way to ignore mean tweets is for your phone battery to die.

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster, and I have more thoughts on this — as you can probably imagine. I may share them in another post, once my poor widdle feelings have had a chance to get a little less feelings-y.

But the world isn’t just us and our first-world problems. It’s all the places and all the problems, and my goodness, there are many.

Ankara, Brussels, Iskanderiyah, Lahore. Boring old lives just like ours, and not at all like ours, over too soon. Snuffed out on their way to the store or the concession stand or grandma’s house, on what should have been an unremarkable day.

You were Paris, weren’t you? Are you all of these other places too, now, or maybe just one? Perhaps you’re another place entirely? Have you been allocating your empathy equitably?

In the Grieflympics, does anyone win?

And if you do win … how can you go on?

Big questions, with no clear answers.

And again, we find ourselves in the awkward position of talking about food. A first-world problem if there ever was one. Here’s a picture, in case you want to stop reading here and not think about meal planning.

Photo credit: Jonathan Bean | Unsplash
Photo credit: Jonathan Bean | Unsplash

Still with me? Okay. Here’s what we’ll be eating this week as we sit here trying to feel grateful for our tiny first-world problems:

Monday: We might not have a proper dinner tonight, because Justin picked up dosas for lunch and we ate kind of late, plus they were huge. So … maybe some chips or something. Yep, I think I just heard a bag being cracked.

Tuesday: Bucatini with the super-simple Marcela Hazan tomato sauce from smitten kitchen, and zucchini.

Wednesday: One-pan southwestern chicken quinoa from Tasty. Which is a Facebook page, not a website, and those are sometimes sketchy but I’ve actually made this one before and it’s good, so.

Thursday: I want to make crepes, but I’m not sure what I want to put in them. Something easy and savoury. Maybe these ones?I’ll have to come back to Thursday.

Friday: Salmon, rice, and grilled asparagus.

Saturday: Pan fried sesame tofu with broccoli from Budget Bytes.

Until next week, then.

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