Just Wait: Featured on the Good Mother Project

I promised a post today, and I’m nothing if not a keeper of promises, so here it is!*

Today I’m excited to have a piece I wrote featured on the Good Mother Project, which is not only a wonderful site, but is also local to me. That makes it extra special.

Can a website be local? Yes it can. I’ve decided, just now.

Wait — by that logic, is Google a local search engine to people who live in Mountain View? Or are Broadway plays community theatre to New Yorkers? It’s Monday morning, so let’s not think about it too much. Our heads are already fuzzy from last night’s celebratory Baby Duck, so let’s just eat our cereal and read some stuff, and talk about this crazy writing life.

I met Eran, the founder of the Good Mother Project, a few weeks ago (see? local!) when I auditioned for Listen to Your Mother. This was my audition piece, and although I wasn’t cast in the show, she sent me a lovely and kind email asking if she could run it on the site instead. Eran is delightful, which only sweetened the deal, and of course I said yes. I love having my work published on other people’s sites, and it’s especially fulfilling when the people running those sites are The Nicest.

At any rate, I wrote a piece called “Just Wait.” It’s about the need we feel as parents to warn one another, and how it inspired me to enjoy the present rather than dwell on the (many) challenges that lie ahead. Go read it!

Thank you. Now go get yourself a coffee. You’ve earned it.

* Okay, so the actual post is on another site, but hey. This is a post about a post, which makes it technically still a post, so maybe it counts?

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