Who knows what we did last summer?

(No, seriously, I’m asking. Do you know what we did? Was I even there?)

Goodness, gracious. Summer 2016, we barely knew you.

l’ve heard the summer slump is a thing for all bloggers. Or maybe just bloggers who are parents? I don’t know. I don’t have kids in school, and therefore I don’t have kids who are home from school in summer (I mean, I have a kid, and technically she’s home from school, but that’s her usual state of being so summer isn’t any different), so maybe I have no excuse for the summer slump. No, wait — I totally do. Work is cuckoo-bananas for me, for pretty much all of August and September. So … I guess this is me saying hey, I’m not going to post again until September is over. But I am still alive, and still writing, sort of.

I have this thing lately where I get an idea, and I spend my whole lunch hour typing away at my desk, and I end up with .6 of a post but then I never come back to it. There are a lot of fragments. Which in a way is a pretty good metaphor for my life at the moment: just a lot of bits and pieces of unfinished things, tucked away in different compartments, taunting me.

Fun, right? Summatime, summatime, sum-sum-summatime.

So, here’s what happened: about twelve seconds ago I was floating in the pool, dreading my return to work, and it wasn’t even summer yet. Now I’m staring in the rearview mirror at the season we’ve just barrelled through and holy cannoli, it was fun and exhausting and lots of things happened, but in a way it also reminds me of those early parenthood days when I used to look up at the clock and it’d be 6pm and I’d still be in my jammies wondering what the hell I did all day.

Also, that rearview mirror image somehow now includes a TODDLER* who is as impetuous as she is darling. How on earth did that happen?!

Let’s recap.

Here’s what Summer 2016 looked like in our little West Coast world:

  • I went to this Vancouver Mom Top 30 Mom Blogger celebration thingy and met my people. It was fun, and there was wine and chocolate and new friends and a baby. I continue to bask in the afterglow, even today.
  • The small one learned to walk! We were all pretty stoked about that.
  • We went to Tulameen for the Canada Day long weekend, with a bunch of friends and a bunch of babies. Justin convinced me we should take a logging road to get home because of course he did. We survived, even though I almost cried a couple of times. The small one slept through most of it (the drive, I mean, not the trip because of course she didn’t). Tulameen has no cell service, which was terrible but is also supposed to be exhilarating, or something. Anyway I spent about half an hour deleting emails once we got back. I’m on way too many mailing lists.

    Tulameen was lovely. We went to the lake, and some of us dressed up like dinosaurs.
    Tulameen was lovely. We went to the lake, and some of us dressed up like dinosaurs.
  • We had lots of visits from my parents, and we visited them a couple of times too.
  • Justin’s parents drove out from Saskatchewan and stayed with us for a few days and it was super fun, except for the part where we all got the flu (thanks, DAYCARE).

    We took Justin's parents and their Rider gear to Pitt Lake. This was pretty much the only day we were all healthy.
    We took Justin’s parents (and their Roughriders regalia) for a walk at Pitt Lake. This was pretty much the only day we were all healthy.
  • Justin smoked a brisket and it was amazing because brisket.
  • We threw axes! I am still in awe of this experience.
  • I made these milkshakes and they were so amazing they deserve their own bullet point. Seriously go make them right now.
  • We went camping in Powell River and set a new goal of moving there one day so the small one can go to high school overlooking the ocean. Also, we discovered the small one does not enjoy camping. Or at least not the part of camping where you’re supposed to sleep, which I guess shouldn’t have come as a surprise since she won’t sleep at home either. See also: Tulameen. See also also: Every family vacation ever, so far.

    At the ferry terminal, checking out the lay of the land.
    At the ferry terminal, checking out the lay of the land.
  • Justin turned 31 and I bought him a membership to Dollar Beard Club. I signed him up using my email address, though, so now I get emails addressed to “Bearded Brother” and I don’t think Google knows what kind of ads to show me anymore.
  • We played way too much Pokémon Go.
  • Okay … I played way too much Pokémon Go.
  • … and I’m still playing Pokémon Go.
  • The small one learned to say the following words:
    • Daddy
    • doggie
    • woof woof
    • boob
    • night-night
    • no (I’m sure I will regret this later, when it becomes her favourite word, but for now it’s pretty cute and also provides useful information)
    • a variety of animal sounds (meow, baaa, bock-bock, rawr [always whispered, for some adorable and unknown reason], and also monkey sounds)
    • teeth
    • Elmo (seriously, you show the kid one little Sesame Street video and suddenly she’s fangirling all over the place)
    • her own name, endearingly mispronounced
    • shoes
    • light
    • eat
    • moon
    • Mummy

Just to be clear, I’ve listed the words above in the order she learned them. That’s right: she learned Elmo’s name before her own. And yes, “Mummy” came last, after “boob,” “woof woof,” and “teeth.” It was worth the wait, though.

  • She also learned to sign at daycare. It took us a couple of weeks to realize she was signing at us. Related: I am no longer offended at people insinuating daycare is raising my child, because clearly they are doing a better job of it than I am. And I’m okay with that.
  • We discovered that the word “daycare” is code for “please pay us $1200 a month for the privilege of getting sick every other week.” We got the flu three times — or maybe it was four? We lost count. People at work started complimenting me on my weight loss and I was all “hey, thanks! My secret is being horribly ill on a biweekly basis.”
  • Justin won tickets to see David Crosby, so we went to see David Crosby. We ate seafood and drank beer and had an all-around super time.
  • I continued to court bloggy fame and fortune, and I was profiled here and here. I had a few pieces published (including more satire!). Plus I columned my wee heart out.

And that just about sums it up. I guess we didn’t just waste our summer away on the couch after all … although there was a fair amount of that too. Because flu.

Oh, and work has been good, except. You know that feeling where you plan an event for 400 people and it all goes smoothly right up until there’s a fire alarm and you have to evacuate the building?


Just me then.

See you next month!

*Don’t worry — she’s still rear-facing, so I can’t actually see her in the rearview. But really, though, it’s just a metaphor so calm down. JEEZ.

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  1. Wow, that does sound like a busy summer. I have that feeling myself… though as a homeschool mom, I also have the kids home year-round so I don’t get the usually summer angst that I see expressed on social media by parents of children in school. What did we do this summer? Um… 🙂 I met you, threw a blog party in August, went to Alberta and the Island (and blogged in between), and got ready for September. And now it’s gone – what? Sigh. My baby is learning to pull herself up and crawl these days. Can’t wait for the words to start. 🙂

    1. Jean says: Reply

      Right? I can hardly believe how quickly the summer passed us by! Sounds like you all really got around.

      Yeah, it’s pretty adorable when they start talking more isn’t it? I still don’t understand most of what she says but she is getting clearer every day … and every time I hear “mummy!” I practically swoon. But the pulling up and crawling is also neat to watch and I’m sure sweet little Pearl is extra cute when she does it!

  2. Michelle says: Reply

    That flu SUCKED. I’m glad you guys survived 🙂

    1. Jean says: Reply

      It did indeed! They all did. Ugh.

      Flu shot this year for sure.

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