Hotmilk Lingerie nursing bra review: In which I email my bra size to a stranger from the internet and it actually pays off

Hotmilk lingerie Eclipse black nursing bra

Okay, all, this is definitely a real product review, but I need to preface it with a little story. Waitwaitwait, don’t leave! It’s relevant, I promise, and mercifully short. Once the story is over I will get to the review, which is about a really lovely bra. But first, story time.

This isn’t so much a full-fledged story story — it’s more of a foolish thing I once said, because I was clueless about breastfeeding. I was 8 months pregnant, chatting with a dear friend who was already a parent, and the following words came out of my mouth:

“Tell me about nursing bras. Do I really need one? Can’t I just go braless since I’ll have my boobs out all the time anyway?”

My friend responded diplomatically at the time, advising me to consider getting one just in case, or something along those lines. In hindsight, she probably thought it was one of those things I should figure out on my own.

And figure it out I did. Holy moly. Even for a somewhat pitifully-endowed person like me, braless is not an option when you’re nursing. There’s chafing and leaking and general discomfort and … trust me, you just need one. Day. And. Night.

Still, most nursing bras intimidated me. Between the flaps and the holes and the hooks and the unflattering designs, plus the fact that I hate shopping (especially bra shopping) with a burning passion … it was not a good scene. I mostly ended up wearing nighttime bras during the day, which was … fine, I guess? But it’s hard to dress those things up, and sometimes a gal wants something a little fancier, you know, to get her fance on. Or at least go out for dinner or to the office without feeling like I’m still in my pjs. A nice, fancy, sexy nursing bra is hard to find.

But then! The wonderful folks at Hotmilk Lingerie contacted me and asked if they could send me a bra to try. I obviously said yes, because not only do I like free stuff, but I needed a new bra. As an added bonus, it was an opportunity to email my home address and bra size to a strange man from the internet*. This made me feel edgy and dangerous. Don’t worry, though — you don’t have to do that, because they have a website where you can order. No strange men for you.

On to the review part.

Hotmilk Lingerie nursing bra review

I chose the Eclipse Black Nursing Bra, because the photo on the website is gorgeous. Sometimes I select clothing based on how the model looks, even though I know I’ll never look like that. Is that weird? Anyway, the bra arrived and it looked just as lovely in person. Here’s what it looks like on…

Hotmilk Eclipse Black Nursing Bra

… my living room ottoman. Cute, right?

The fit was great — I measured myself using the size guide on the website, which worked well, except for how sad it was to admit that my breasts have deflated since I’ve been nursing the small one for the past 19 months. I may have ordered a cup size larger than I actually needed, out of sheer vanity and denial. There’s a bit of stretch to the cups, and extra hooks to provide room for expansion in case I get pregnant again or eat too much bacon. It’s important to plan ahead for potential future babies and/or pork products that may come into my life.

But enough about that. Here’s what it looks like on …

Hotmilk Eclipse Black Nursing Bra

… my kitchen floor. I think the lighting was best here.

I wore the Eclipse bra to work, and I could barely resist telling my colleagues that I was wearing a Free Bra From The Internet but somehow I managed. The bra kept me feeling comfortable all day, if a tad bit miffed that no one commented on how spectacular my boobs looked**.

Because I am a stalker, I poked around on the Hotmilk website a bit and I discovered that these aren’t just bras, they are miraculous feats of engineering. I also learned that the company was founded by two women, which I appreciate because I am very sexist. I know I’m sexist because someone called me that on Twitter once and Twitter people are always right.

Anyway, back to the Eclipse bra. It was super easy to open and close the cups for nursing — this is important because the small one is still totally obsessed despite my attempts to taper off a bit and she has zero patience. On the other hand, the bra is structured enough that she can’t just yank at the cups and get in there herself like she can with my nighttime bras, which is a good thing and will hopefully help with said tapering attempts. I like that the design puts me back in the driver’s seat, boob-wise.

But what I really love about this bra is how pretty it is. It has lace and silky microfibre and even a dangly little diamante pendant in the centre. It’s nice to feel a little fancy again, like a grown-up. I especially appreciate the lace detail around the bottom of the band — it extends down just enough to make it more flattering so you don’t end up with a blobby bit (a muffin bottom?) sticking out. And you guys, here’s what it looks like ON!



… On my cat, that is.

You didn’t seriously think I’d start posting underwear photos of myself online, did you? I mean, come on. I don’t even like pictures of myself with clothes on.

Overall, I love my new Hotmilk bra and although I won’t be wearing it for a photo shoot anytime soon (my fault, not the bra’s. The bra loves photo shoots), it’s great for those days when I want to class it up a little bit but still be able to nurse on demand.

You can buy one too! Just visit their website at (or for my American friends) and you too can have all the fance.

* The rep who contacted me was actually quite lovely and great to work with. He probably isn’t strange at all.

** Just to be clear, that was a joke. If we work together, please do not comment on my breasts because that would be awkward and I’m pretty sure it’s also sexual harassment.

DISCLOSURE: Hotmilk Lingerie sent me the Eclipse nursing bra free of charge, in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions in this post are my own, because they’re the only ones I have.

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    Was the tweet from Donald Trump? He’s an expert on sexism!

    1. Jean says: Reply

      Hah! No. Just a regular old non-celebrity non-president-elect.
      I bet I’d be famous if Trump tweeted at me.

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