The tiny one: things we know about her so far

I’ve been trying to pull a post together in my head for a while now, but it turns out having two kids is just a whole new level of bonkers. Those of you with two probably saw this long silence coming — even if I didn’t — but still, I’m sorry. I had very unrealistic expectations of how much time I’d have to write (or eat, or cook, or pee … pretty much the only thing that didn’t catch me off guard was the lack of sleep) while on mat leave, but life has since set me straight. So instead I’ve made you a list of things we know about her so far. Because my love for lists will never die and also it’s manageable. 

I hope to bring you more stories soon, or at least before I go back to work this summer. I think I should be able to manage one or two by then. 


We’ll see. 

Here are some things we know about the tiny one so far.

She is small (but tall, for her age).

She is cute.

She has so much hair.

She is easygoing…ish.

She has a very loud voice.

Very loud.

So loud.

I can’t emphasize the loudness enough.

It turns out this is a critical skill for a second-born child, so I don’t really blame her, but… whoa. Loud.

She’s constantly changing, gaining and losing habits as often as we change her clothes (which is a lot, because poop).

Related: she’s outgrown so many clothes, and at five months old she’s wearing the small one’s stuff from when she was twice that age.

She giggled in her sleep for the first couple of weeks of her life. We didn’t even know babies could do that. But they can and she did.

She loves diaper changes

and baths

and the Jolly Jumper

and yanking fistfuls of hair out of the cat (thankfully, it seems the feeling is mutual).

She doesn’t mind being worn in a carrier (hallelujah).

She also likes the song “Hallelujah”.

She hates tummy time

and bottles

and having her nails trimmed.

She likes cuddles.

She seems to like us.

We like her quite a lot, too.

I think she’ll fit in just fine.

I took this a couple of months ago so it’s a bit outdated, but she’s five months old now which is basically 47 in blog years, and middle-aged folks aren’t as cute in pictures, especially when they’re doing tummy time, so.

Oh, she’s the one on the left. The one on the right you already know.

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