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  • Hotmilk Lingerie nursing bra review: In which I email my bra size to a stranger from the internet and it actually pays off

    Hotmilk lingerie Eclipse black nursing bra

    Okay, all, this is definitely a real product review, but I need to preface it with a little story. Waitwaitwait, don’t leave! It’s relevant, I promise, and mercifully short. Once the story is over I will get to the review, which is about a really lovely bra. But first, story time. This isn’t so much a […]

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  • Why I hate having my picture taken

    Last fall, Justin and I took an infant first aid course with the other parents from our prenatal group. It was the first time we’d all gotten together in months; between jobs, family commitments and the not-so-small detail that we all had newborns, life had inevitably gotten in the way. As it does. At any rate, we were all excited to see one another and marvel at how the babies had grown.

    At the end of the class, someone suggested we take a group picture.