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  • Why I hate having my picture taken

    Last fall, Justin and I took an infant first aid course with the other parents from our prenatal group. It was the first time we’d all gotten together in months; between jobs, family commitments and the not-so-small detail that we all had newborns, life had inevitably gotten in the way. As it does. At any rate, we were all excited to see one another and marvel at how the babies had grown.

    At the end of the class, someone suggested we take a group picture.

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  • Facebook’s motherhood challenge and the cult of “mommyhood”

    The pressure to digitally share Every. Single. Moment. of our lives (or of our kids’ lives, because as mothers we’re required to define ourselves by our children) is symptomatic of a culture in which motherhood has become a competitive spectator sport, and in which we’re expected to constantly offer up our lives for the enjoyment and judgement of others. You know, to see whether we’re living up to the impossible standard that’s been laid out for us. And mostly to conclude that we aren’t.

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  • On acupuncture and aging

    Once the small one’s due date had come and gone, one of the midwives at the clinic recommended having acupuncture to see if that would start the labour process moving. Now, if you know me well, you probably know that I have a strong, bordering on curmudgeonly, preference for conventional Western medicine, and don’t tend to go in […]