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  • Hotmilk Lingerie nursing bra review: In which I email my bra size to a stranger from the internet and it actually pays off

    Hotmilk lingerie Eclipse black nursing bra

    Okay, all, this is definitely a real product review, but I need to preface it with a little story. Waitwaitwait, don’t leave! It’s relevant, I promise, and mercifully short. Once the story is over I will get to the review, which is about a really lovely bra. But first, story time. This isn’t so much a […]

  • being mum
  • Facebook’s motherhood challenge and the cult of “mommyhood”

    The pressure to digitally share Every. Single. Moment. of our lives (or of our kids’ lives, because as mothers we’re required to define ourselves by our children) is symptomatic of a culture in which motherhood has become a competitive spectator sport, and in which we’re expected to constantly offer up our lives for the enjoyment and judgement of others. You know, to see whether we’re living up to the impossible standard that’s been laid out for us. And mostly to conclude that we aren’t.